Full Website Design pricing starts at $260 for a three-page website, including graphics and html layout. This is a one-of-a-kind website designed specifically for you. Not a website template or generic DIY solution. Elminate what may potentially be weeks of frustration and an uncertain outcome by using BRC. Depending on your specific needs, this price may vary. Please contact us to obtain a detailed cost breakdown for your next project.

~ Additional Services ~

Digital Photography | Effective photography for your website can help inspire confidence and help to generate interest in your products or services. BRC charges $120 per hour for photography services, which includes post-processing and editing. Types of photography may include: Location/Premises, Headshots, Action Shots, Real Estate, and Product Photos.

Writing and Editing Content | No website is complete without concise, informative, search engine-friendly text. Eliminate errors and weed out technical jargon! Let our professional writer help you create or streamline your text to help your website reach its full potential! $50 per hour

Payment Information | We accept personal/business checks, money orders, cashiers checks, Visa/Mastercard and Paypal.


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